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Sep 11, 2015

Eliminating packaged foods and hydrogenated oils is one step toward cleaning up your diet and a good first step.  Then next step is to focus on eating whole foods.


What does that even mean? 


First off, whole food is not synonymous with organic.  Organic refers to how the food is produced such as the agricultural methods.  This is things like no pesticides, no hormone injections or not genetically modified organisms, etc.


Whole foods are simply food in a form as close to nature as possible with minimal processing.


Whole food is also not synonymous with raw.  Cooking is a process.  But there are some foods whose nutrients are better absorbed after they have been cooked.  Some examples of this are carrots and asparagus.  The beta-carotene in both vegetables is better absorbed after cooking slightly.  


In this episode, I give you some examples of a whole food lunch that you can prepare ahead of time and does not require refrigeration.



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