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Dec 26, 2014

Show BB019 Quick Guide

If on most Monday mornings you'd like to jump into a time machine and press rewind, you're not alone.  For many the work-week-dread kicks in Sunday afternoon as you start anticipating another five days at the office.

In this episode I give you 7 tips to help beat the Monday morning blues.

1. Get out of the "living for the weekend" mindset.

2. Find ways to make your workdays less crowded. 

3. Give yourself a mid-week break. 

4. Take small breaks daily. 

5. Allow for enough time on weekends to relax. 

6. Don't stay up late on the weekends. 

7. Determine whether you really like your job. 

Since we spend so much of our days working, we need to make everyday count and not just live for the weekends.

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