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Jul 3, 2015

Detox is one of those terms that is used very broadly.  In this podcast I talked about 3 ways people use the term detox.  It’s used to remove poisons from the body, a medical detox to wean off addictive substances and then diets or processes that are marketed to clean your body.


Be wary of detox diets that claim to cleanse your body and detox your liver.  Your liver and kidneys do a fine job of removing toxins every single day.


Instead think of detox as cleaning up your diet and ridding your body of unhealthy foods.  You can also clean up your gut by increasing the amount of good bacteria that live there.  


Eat prebiotics

These are foods that have indigestible substances like fiber.  

Consume probiotics  

These are foods that put good bacteria into your gut.  


A healthy gut is a healthy body.  But you won’t have a healthy gut if you have an unhealthy diet. Start with eliminating sugar and processed food.



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