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Jun 3, 2015

There are 3 main sleep problems you can encounter with your child: Nightmares, Night or Sleep Terrors and Sleep walking.

Nightmares occur in the later part of sleep an hour or two before your child wakes up.  Any child can have nightmares and if your child awakes from a nightmare, you can console her and she will respond to you.

Night terrors occur during deep sleep and your child is not aware of his surrounding and will not respond to you.  When this happens do not try and wake your child, but instead just ride it out. They are not associated with a mental disorder and are harmless unless your child hurts himself while he is moving about.

Sleepwalking also occurs during deep sleep.  The difference here is that your child is not terrified and he can participate in complex movements like dressing him self.  These are also generally harmless unless your child interacts with something hazardous in his environment.  If he does this regularly, you can try scheduled awakenings to break the pattern.


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