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May 29, 2015

As a mom it’s not easy to see your child grow from that baby at your breast to a maturing adult.  Not only are they so cute when they are little, they need you for everything.  


While it can be a relief to get to the point where your child is less dependent on you, it’s not always easy to watch them distance themselves from you.  You will always be mom, but your role in their lives adjusts over time.  

In this episode, I discuss 5 early signs that your child is on the road to independence and it’s time for you to adjust.

1. They start sharing more things with their friends than with you.

2. Not wanting a lot of parental endearment  

3. Wanting more alone time.  

4. Family time has to include a significant other

5.  They want you to solve their problems without your interference



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