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May 1, 2015

Being gluten free is trendy now and it’s easier than ever to find items that are gluten free.  Not everyone needs to be gluten free.  However, there is a clinical entity called non-celiac gluten sensitivity.  If you have this, you don’t have the classic Celiac disease, but may have other problems caused by your sensitivity to gluten.  

If you have headaches, joint pains, digestive problems, excessive fatigue or other physical problems that your doctors can’t seem to get a handle on, you may want to get tested for gluten sensitivity.  If you are gluten sensitive, you can then make an educated decision as to whether or not you want to eliminate gluten from your diet to minimize any damage it is causing you.  

But here’s the catch – to get the maximum benefit, you need to eliminate all sources of gluten and not rely on substituting with gluten-free products. In other words, it doesn’t help to dabble with gluten reduction, you need to be all in. 

For everyone else who is not gluten sensitive, reducing your gluten by eating less grains may make you feel better and lose weight, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s because you are on a gluten free diet.  Chances are unless you are super-vigilant about checking all sources of gluten, your health benefit from reducing breads probably has nothing to do with gluten.



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