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Apr 10, 2015

Today I give you some thoughts on 4 topics.  This show is "unplugged" because iin my haste to prepare for vacation, I was unable to do my usual preparation of a deep dive into a single topic.  Alternatively, I've giving you a few medical news items and an experiment I'm working on.


Belsomra – the new sleeping pill.  This has a lot of promise for being a medication that doesn’t cause dependence


Binge Eating Disorder – I think more people have this than you think.  This is a new diagnosis that does not involve purging like in bulimia, but involves uncontrolled eating of lots of food.  The good news is, there is a new treatment for it using Vyvanse.  Vyvanse is used to treat ADHD, but now treats this binge eating disorder.


Blue Apron – I’m experimenting with this service to take some of the stress out of dinner preparation.  I’m new to the service and still need to give it more time, but so far so good.


Sworkit – this is an app that you can use to get high intensity workouts at home as if you had a personal trainer.



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