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Oct 17, 2014

Show BB009 Quick Guide

This episode is based on a listener question about a 15 year old girl who is withdrawing from her parents.  Her father is concerned that she no longer wants to spend much time with them.  He also wants to know when he should be concerned that she has a more serious problem.


Normal Adolescent Development

It is a normal part of development for adolescents to distance themselves from their parents as part of a process of separation and individuation.  At this time your child needs to establish his own identity and decrease his dependence on you for his self-esteem and standards of conduct.  Up until know, children learn by watching and imitating.  But at this stage its about doing what I want to do and not just do what my parents do.  So internally they question the things they have learned and make an active decision to internalize it or not.


Teenage Depression

A depressed teen may look different from a depressed adult.  They may sleep for longer periods, engage in cutting behaviors, get into legal trouble or experiment with drugs.  You may also see a sudden drop in grades.


They may have other physical things like headaches, changes in weight (girls especially may stop eating).  You may notice that your teen is preoccupied with death.

If you have noticed any of these signs in your teen in addition to them withdrawing from you, have them seen by their pediatrician for an evaluation.




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Show notes

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